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Join us for a dance class this SATURDAY 5/23 at 1-2 pm PST with celebrity choregrapher, Alex Blitstein. Alex's past credits include J.Lo, Glee, Disney Channel, America's Got Talent, and dancing in commercials for FIAT, Esteé Lauder, Adidas, Genetech, and Flash Mob. Not only has he taught at esteemed studios including the Broadway Dance Center and the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, he has his own studio, the Dance House, in Napa Valley, CA. He also has experience working with Team USA skaters from his time at the World Arena Ice Hall. 


All proceeds will be going to Power of 10, an initiative dedicated to keeping small businesses open and providing meals to healthcare workers and low income families during this pandemic. 


Dance with Alex 5/23 at 1 pm PST

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